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[RDS-Pro] RDSwin-Student was developed with one purpose in mind - to let students quickly do the mundane analysis tasks so that they can focus upon learning the art and science of aircraft design. In too many engineering colleges, the senior design class becomes an exercise in analysis with a few days spent making a drawing (and for all the wrong reasons), then 95% of the semester spent trying to analyze it. In the end, it rarely performs the given mission so the students learn how to lie using numbers, and they don't have the time to learn how to design.

RDSwin-Student is a Windows-based aircraft design and analysis that combines initial layout design, analysis of aerodynamics, propulsion, and weights, sizing to a mission profile, and calculation of performance and cost. RDSwin-Student simplifies the analysis required to perform trade studies and carpet plot optimization but - deliberately - requires the students to define the parametric changes, rerun the analyses, and plot the results as a learning experience. RDSwin-Student has a powerful built-in CAD module allowing rapid layout of a new design concept. Aircraft components such as wings, tails, fuselages, and engines can be quickly created and assembled, then analyzed for the geometric parameters required for analysis (wetted area, lengths, etc...)

Developed in parallel with the high-end RDSwin-Professional program, RDSwin-Student has the same easy-to-use pulldown-menu-driven operation, the same flexible, powerful methods, and the same instant interactive graphical output. RDSwin-Student is intended to be used with the best-selling textbook "Aircraft Design: A Conceptual Approach", by Dr. Daniel P. Raymer, now in its 6th edition. Both are published by the AIAA and are available separately or bundled together. A full pop-up PDF user's manual is provided with the software, along with the complete data files used for the Lightweight Supercruise Fighter design example in the back of the book.

Click here for a viewgraph presentation of RDS and its capabilities, and here for a detailed writeup. The use of RDSwin is covered in the Aircraft Conceptual Design Short Course which can be brought to a university or industry design group. RDSwin-Student is fairly cheap, priced for students, and is not to be used for professional (money-making) activities. The regular license for RDS-Student forbids its installation on multi-user or class laboratory computers. An RDS-Student site-license is available for universities wishing such an installation, or they can install the higher-capability RDSwin-Pro. Contact Conceptual Research Corporation to discuss options.

Free Version 10.5a Upgrade for RDSwin-Student V10:
This latest update includes an expanded SAWE component type code list. It allows you to pick many cross-sections to delete at the same time. You can interpolate multiple sections which are Distributed between identified sections. By popular demand, it permits Matlab terminology in various input places where multiple values are defined by 'step' (ie., {0 : 5k : 45k} is the same as {0 to 45k step 5k}. It allows the input of speed and altitude for trim plots in the Aero module. There are other improved routines and various bug fixes too. To upgrade your installed copy of V10 to Version 10.5a, do the following:

  1. Click here and download the file to a temporary folder.
  2. Change its name to RDSwinStud_V10-5a_update.exe, and click on it. Extract the files to your current RDS-Win\ folder. It should ask for permission to replace many files such as RDSMain2.RTD.
  3. Click here and download the file to a temporary folder.
  4. Change its name to RDSwin.exe. Move it to your current RDS-Win\ folder. It should ask for permission to replace RDSwin.exe. All done, RDSwin-Student V10.5a should be ready to run.

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[Free RDS Data Files]

The RDSwin-Student software and the companion textbook AIRCRAFT DESIGN: A Conceptual Approach are available from Amazon.com as follows:

Aircraft Design : A Conceptual Approach (6th Edition, 2018)
RDSwin-Student : Software for Aircraft Design, Sizing and Performance (Windows Version 10)
Or click here to order directly from the publisher (AIAA)

User's Manual Cover and CD Label

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