Aircraft Design Shortcourses and More
Learn the real industry methods for designing airplanes from Dr. Daniel Raymer - in person! This September in Los Angeles:
The 5-day Aircraft Design Short Course (13-17 September, 2021)
Aircraft Design Layout, Loft, & CAD (18 September, 2021)

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[UAV] [Spacecraft] Prior participants in Dr. Raymer's courses have said...

"Well qualified, extraordinary presenter." W. Taylor, Pratt & Whitney

"Excellent command of subject." L. Pazmany, Designer of PL homebuilt series

"A great course - better than I could have imagined." K. Williams, Alaska Independent Research

"Dan Raymer is a genuine designer, a true insider with a broad view of the aircraft design business and able to offer valuable advice in almost any topic related to airplanes. He is a fun guy also, which makes it easier for us to absorb the tremendous amount of information given in such a short time. His courses are an excellent investment!" Alessandro Davi, Avibras Aerospace, Brazil

"My purpose was to get some familiarization with the aircraft industry. I am really impressed with the level of knowledge and details. You presented every single slide by heart, with a lot of passion. The training really helped me." Walter De La Bastida, Eaton Aerospace

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For over 25 years CRC President Dr. Daniel P. Raymer has been presenting engineering short courses related to Aerospace Vehicle Design. His 5-day Aircraft Design Class is considered to be the definitive treatment of the subject and has been attended by over 4,000 people to date, ranging from college students and new-hires to engineering department managers and vice presidents. This class covers the complete development of a new aircraft conceptual design including layout, sizing, analysis, optimization, and cost, and provides an integrated understanding of how the various participants in the design process can best work together.

Dr. Raymer's advanced course in Configuration Design Layout and Loft presents the important job of creating the vehicle geometry, including the best use of CAD. The UAV Design Class focuses a system concept approach on that hot topic. Raymer's Spacecraft & Launch Vehicle Short Course provides an integrated, flight vehicle centered treatment, and the course in Management & Business for Engineers and Scientists tells technologists how to make the transition to project and company management.

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