Free Programs for Aircraft Design & Sizing

Here are some free and useful programs for aircraft designers. Note that commercial usage is forbidden. The authors and CRC assume no responsibility for any losses resulting from their use - use them at your own risk!

AC-SIZE calculates aircraft takeoff weight and fuel weight to perform an input mission, which can include cruising range, loiter time, climbs, takeoff, landing, and combat. Required inputs include aircraft drag coefficient, engine thrust, specific fuel consumption, and wing loading. The methods of the textbook Aircraft Design: A Conceptual Approach are followed, and the inputs are interactive and (somewhat) user-friendly.

ATMOS is the ICAO standard atmosphere model and will give density, speed of sound, and other parameters from an input altitude.

LSTSQR is a least-squares curve fit program useful for developing historical correlations such as those in table 3.1 of the book. It returns fits for a variety of linear and non-linear curves (log-log is best for most design purposes, especially the We-Wo relationship).

Below that are four Excel Spreadsheets. The first illustrates sizing the ASW aircraft example in Chapter 3 of Aircraft Design: A Conceptual Approach. (Excel Workbook by David Hooper courtesy of EMAGENIT - Engineering Excel training & consulting). The second is a least-squares curve fit especially useful for weights estimation. You input two columns of data and it does both linear and log-log curve fits to your data. The third is a simple routine to estimate moments of inertia.

Finally is the companion spreadsheet to Raymer's new book Simplified Aircraft Design for Homebuilders and includes sizing, range, and performance calculations as well as a weight & balance spreadsheet. This spreadsheet is shareware, so please mail in the requested fee unless you have purchased this book. After that is an AIAA paper describing the spreadsheet.

Click below to download. To download source, click then use `File-Save As'

For a real aircraft design and analysis program, check out RDSwin

Note: These free compiled versions of AC-SIZE, ATMOS, and LSTSQR are old DOS exe's and will not directly run on post-XP versions of Windows. Either run them through an emulator such as DOSBOX or download the Basic source code and run through a Windows-based Basic interpretor.

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